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Sand dune modified

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Done a few things to the AT4X so far with more planned. Think it looks awesome so far!

Mods done:
Tint- 5% sides, 35% windshield
Hyperdipped front and rear GMC emblems
Factory stick on deflectors in matte black
9in hard rubber antenna
AWE 0fg dual cat back exhaust
AVS lightshield
Air Design Hood scoop
Cab Over America Wireless cab lights
RC 1.5in level for AT4X
RC 3.5in forged UCAs
18x9 Fuel Contras +1
285/75/18 ridge grapplers

Mods planned:
Air Design rocker panels paint matched
Automatic running boards
Grill light bar
Pulsar once available for refresh
Possible interior lights, undecided
Possible front bumper applique once available
Hyperdip side emblems to match front/rear, with edge of chrome and middle black

Think that's it lol which it's all on my YT if your interested, wickedauto

Pictures front start to current


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