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Hello from Texas

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I reserved the new Canyon AT4x Edition 1 and am excited to see if I get picked up for one. I am the only reservation holder at my dealer so maybe that will help.
I currently own a 2022 AT4 3500 (it took a couple of other Sierra HDs to get there) and absolutely love it. I really love what GMC did with the new Canyon.
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Ditto what Admin said, but I have a question:
Are you replacing the 3500 with a Canyon, or just adding to your stable? Looks from the photo like you do a fair bit of trailering!
Was thinking the Canyon for my son. The 3500 is going nowhere, I love this truck.
Welcome @HAA_AT43500, are you planning to do any modifications after taking delivery? Or even any common first things like paint protection, window tints, etc?
Window tint is probably it. I just really like the way they set it up. I am the only res holder at my dealer so I am hopeful to get one. After waiting on a Bronco for 2 years that still has not come, I am hopeful GM does better.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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