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AEV Front bumper

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I have a 2023 AT4X With the AEV front bumper winch ready. But I can’t seem to find what brand and size of winch will fit in there. I asked AEV sales With no answers, if anyone out there has any info please share.
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Oh you're not done with just the Come Up winch. You also need the mounting kitv which is $499. Here are the GMC part numbers:
  1. AEV Winch Mount GM Accessory part # 19434379
  2. Come Up winch with wiring GM Part # 19434344
The part numbers may or may not show up at GM accessories web site. Call your dealer and they can call to order them. There is stock floating around so, if you want one, be persistent as the initial response may be that the parts don't exist. I ordered them and they just came in. Dealer installing it next week.
Welcome to the forum @aicherda! Thanks for sharing this, have you reached out to your dealer about the mounting kit?
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