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New spy photos show the Colorado ZR2 Bison's front fascia.

The new front bumper is similar to that of the standard Chevy Colorado ZR2, but with a few key differences. The Bison’s bumper, for example, looks to be a little higher and slightly reshaped, enhancing the truck’s off-road presence even further.

Overall, the 2024 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison looks formidable on the road, boasting extra width, a taller ride height, and of course, an aggressive approach angle, all of which are clearly on display with this prototype model. Additionally, the tires appear to be taller than those equipped by the standard Chevy Colorado ZR2, rocking what appears to be a set of 35-inch-tall tires. The bigger rubber would be an upgrade over the standard Colorado ZR2’s 33-inch tires, and would serve as a more-appropriate answer to the tires equipped by Ford Bronco models outfitted with the available Sasquatch package.
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