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2023 GMC Sierra AT4X AEV starts at $90,490

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GMC released the pricing for the Sierra AT4X and it has a starting price of $90,490.

With every option the max price is $95,000

The 2023 GMC Sierra hid a surprise we didn't know to look for. We covered the pickup's pricing for next year, which included noting the $3,395 increase on the price of the $83,595 AT4X trim. Only the Denali Ultimate 4WD with the 6.2-liter is more expensive, at $83,995. The AT4X rise pays for extra equipment. the standard AT4X inheriting parts from the Sierra ATVX AEV created in collaboration with American Expedition Vehicles. The extra gear includes a revised grille with gloss black and dark nickel trim, AEV front and rear bumpers with increased approach and departure angles, a hot-stamped hardened steel front skid plate inflate the cost and give the ATX4 a little more capability off-road. The equipment list narrows the gap from the regular AT4X to the AT4X AEV, the latter going just a bit further with four more skid plates, AEV's Salta wheels, and a smattering of black trim around the body.

The surprise is that the configurator lists the AT4X AEV as a package for the AT4X, not as a separate trim, which is what we were looking for. That package costs $6,895, putting the MSRP at $90,490 after the $1,895 destination charge.

Unlike some other spendy trucks that can be optioned with another 10% or 15% of their MSRPs in options, there's not much left on the menu for the Sierra AT4X AEV. The most expensive substantial change would be paint, which costs at least $495 for anything but Summit White. There are no other wheel choices, no other interior choices than Obsidian Rush full leather. Checking the boxes for equipment like the console-mounted safe, off-road high-clearance steps, and hard-folding tonneau cover, plus a fancy metallic paint, comes to $3,650 for the bundle. Make it $95,000 before dealer fees and add-ons for Chevy's trail-focused truck. That's about midway between the hi-po high-speed desert runners, the $78,600 Ford Raptor and the $109,600 Raptor R, and $4,300 more than a base Ram TRX, a truck with three $10,000 option packages.
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I just bought one with the AEV front bumper and no GM step/rails added. Paid $82,100.00


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